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My name's Anouska Taylor, I'm a professional vocalist, certified vocal instructor and certified Jungian life coach.

I've been training voices for over a decade and performing for over two decades.  I'm London-based but work with clients around the world online.

My mission is both to inspire and empower you to become the master of your own unique voice and fully express your brilliance, whether you're singing or speaking. 

If you're a high-performing individual with big dreams, I can help you access your full creative expression through the power of your voice.  


transformational voice training

Our voice is our most powerful communication tool but also our most under-utilised and misunderstood


The potential is there.  We are each born with a unique voice that holds a plethora of dynamic possibilities to creatively express our ideas, thoughts and feelings either through song or speech.

We want to feel more confident when speaking or sound more confident when singing.  We have big dreams and know our voice is holding us back, it's hindering us truly connecting with others.

The trouble is, we're never taught how to use this incredible instrument and so think our voice can't be changed or there are limits to what's possible.  We see our vocal results as something fixed and permanent.  This is simply not true, the voice is highly adaptable to change with consistency and repetition of new habits.    

Our voice is however shaped by our environment, society, family, education, peers and culture.  We develop vocal habits as we grow up that allow us to adapt to the world around us and fit in.  We learn what is acceptable and what is not.  Often these habits mean we block, hinder and limit our ability to fully and openly express ourselves.  We're often unconscious as to why we've developed these habits.  We just know our voice isn't where we want it to be.  


I offer something completely unique that allows you to bridge the gap between your current vocal results and the voice you consciously desire.  I combine physiology (how your voice works), psychology (how your mind drives your voice) and vocal technique (how to build & develop your voice) into my voice training.  As a certified Jungian coach and experienced voice teacher, I help you to reach your full vocal potential by aligning your mind and voice.  Only then can you make lasting and profound changes and create the voice of your dreams. 


Find Your Voice (FYV) private coaching packages are designed for adult singers and professionals who are committed and ready to transform their voice. 

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