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My name is Anouska Taylor.  I'm an experienced voice teacher, Jungian coach and professional vocalist.

I've been training singers and speakers for over a decade and performing for over two decades.  Although I'm London-based, I work with clients around the world online.

Through my Find Your Voice private coaching packages, I help clients access their true authentic singing or speaking voice from the inside out - a voice that is naturally powerful, confident and expressive.

If you're ambitious, driven and are committed to making your dreams a reality, I can help you unleash the full creative potential of your voice. 

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transformational voice training

Our voice is our most powerful communication tool, communicating so much more than words (whether in song or speech).  In many ways it is the most natural thing in the world "to voice"...indeed we're each born with a unique voice that holds a plethora of dynamic possibilities to powerfully express ourselves

The trouble is as we grow up our voice-use becomes more about emotional survival than authentic expression.  How can I fit in and be liked by my family, peers, culture, community, friends?  We learn what it acceptable and what is not from those around us (either implied or explicitly spoken) and absorb these messages into how we use our voice.  These messages are often fear-based.  You don't know what you're talking about, who do you think you are, you talk too much, you don't have a good voice or you're tone deaf! 


As such vocal habits develop that literally start to shut the voice down (quiet, weak, breathy, raspy, monotone, mumbling, unnatural pitch, strained, constricted, limited range or dynamics).  We begin to lose touch with our true authentic voice, our natural voice that is free, open and expressive.  Our vocal potential is then lying dormant, we're sitting on a vocal goldmine but have no idea.  


If singing or speaking freely, openly and powerfully is important to us, understanding this instrument (and the mind that drives it) is critical. Since most of us have very little awareness of our voice, we think our voice is "just the way it is".  We see our vocal results as something permanent and fixedThis is simply not true.  The voice is highly adaptable to change with a new awareness and a consistent vocal practice.   


This is where I can help.  

How do I differ from other voice teachers?

I offer something completely unique and whether I'm working with a singer or speaker, my goal is to help you access your true authentic voice (that is naturally confident, powerful and expressive)


As a trained Jungian coach (using Swiss Psychologist Carl Jung's powerful work with the unconscious mind) and experienced voice teacher, I help you to reach your full vocal potential by aligning your mind and voice.  This goes much deeper than "limiting beliefs" as it's what we're not conscious of that really has the most power over us.  Only then are you free to choose your voice vs. be limited by your past conditioning.  


I combine 4 keys areas in my voice training - voice physiology (how the voice inter-connects to other body systems), vocal technique (how to effortlessly produce sound), application (how to creatively apply this when singing or speaking) and voice psychology (how you have unconsciously been holding yourself back).  Only then can you make lasting and profound changes and access your authentic voice. 


Find Your Voice (FYV) private coaching packages are designed for adult singers and professional / executive women who are committed and ready to make the ultimate investment and transform their voice.


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