I'm passionate about inspiring and empowering others to express themselves fully and authentically.

Growing up in the UK my love of music, more specifically singing, started very early.  I don't remember ever not singing!  I started learning the piano at 5 and having singing lessons at 10.  I was regularly performing throughout my school and university life.  It may seem a logical progression to now be teaching voice and professionally singing, but my story didn't follow an obvious path...

Far from going straight into a career as a voice teacher and professional singer, I worked in the corporate world for some large advertising and marketing agencies in London for a few years after graduating from Leeds University.  It seemed like the "safer" option and what I now realise was my "shadow career".  Unsurprisingly I was deeply unfulfilled despite in many ways having a "dream job".    


However I knew my heart was in singing and helping others find their voice.  I had to find the courage to do what I loved.  Making the transition actually happened following a "gap-year" career break to Australia.  What started as a year of backpacking, ended up being 12 years living and working in Melbourne.  Now living and working in London, Melbourne has become my second home.  It's where I started my business, became a Certified Vocal Instructor and began my professional singing career.  


I owe having the courage to step out and build a business doing something I love, to my own personal development.  Specifically Jungian psychology opened my mind - literally - to all the untapped creative potential I had within myself and to the realisation everything I ever needed was already within me.  As I transformed my own life (and continue to do so), I decided to train as a Jungian Life Coach and now am extremely passionate about bringing this transformational work to others, so they can step into their power and achieve their dreams. 


My business continues to go in new and exciting directions as I evolve personally and professionally.  I'm a Faculty Member for the AllBright Academy in London - an organisation that supports women entrepreneurs, business owners, freelancers and consultants thrive and flourish in their business or career.  As well as private coaching, I also run public events and workshops and am often engaged by organisations to help staff with their voice.  I'm also a member of the British Voice Association (BVA) and the Association of Teachers of Singing (AOTOS),  


One of the gifts lockdown afforded me was time to write and record my own music.  In April 2021 I released by debut single Feels Like HomeClick here to learn more about my music or follow me on Spotify!