"The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are." - Carl Jung

Let me properly introduce name's Anouska Taylor.  I'm a voice coach, Jungian life coach and professional singer-songwriter originally from Suffolk, England.  I spent over 12 years living in Melbourne, Australia and returned back to London in March 2020 (yes at the start of lockdown!).

Voice has always been my passion, my heart and soul.  I've been singing since I was very young but always saw it more as a hobby than a profession.  I ignored my deepest calling for a number of years and worked in the corporate world (specifically for marketing, design and advertising agencies in London), before realising that I was literally dying inside.

While living in Melbourne I finally had the courage to go for my dream.  I began my voice teacher training in 2009 and started reading and learning anything I could get my hands on voice-related.  It took me around the world, attending conferences, trainings and workshops, learning from some incredible voice doctors, teachers and experts.  

My life then took an unexpected dramatic turn in 2013 when my mum unexpectedly passed away.  Just 3 years later, my dad then also unexpectedly passed away.  It was a devastating blow and my life changed forever.  It was during this painful time that I discovered Jungian psychology and I started on my own personal growth journey and individuation process.  I had such a profound and transformational experience, I decided to train to become a Jungian life coach and incorporate the wisdom into my voice coaching.  

I had always been singing and performing but this took a new turn in 2020 (during lockdown) when I started writing my own songs about my journey of loss and grief.  I released my debut single, Feels Like Home in April 2021.  I've since released 4 further singles I See You, Release Me, Runaway and Awaken which you can find across all major music streaming platforms.  I also performed my original music for the first time in February 2022 at St. Pancras Old Church, London.  


As a professional singer-songwriter / performerI understand first hand what it's like to share your voice in front of an audience, often in demanding situations, where you're feeling nervous or anxious.  But through my own journey, I've had to confront some of my biggest fears around performing.  Let me share this with you too.