Do I need a voice coach or a public speaking coach?

Although on the surface they appear to be one of the same, in my experience public speaking coaches and voice coaches offer something quite different. Knowing what you need will save you time when searching for the right coach as you'll know exactly what to ask or search for.

Public speaking coaches tend to focus on presentation skills...that could be for example helping you to craft your story, presentation or message or how to show up more powerfully on stage and handle nerves. This is all important but rarely do they have an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the voice, so can only work on your voice in a more superficial way. This tends to be focused on paralinguistic tools such as pauses, pace and intonation and assumes a well-functioning voice to start with.

Voice coaches (like myself) are 100% focused on the voice. We will help you ensure your instrument (your voice) is optimally functioning so you can access your most powerful, dynamic and effortless speaking voice. What this means is ensuring the 3 sub-systems of voice production are working together (respiration, phonation and resonation). Only then can you really benefit from working on paralinguistic tools and be really creative and expressive when you speak.

You might come to a voice coach because in some way your voice has limitations...this could be weakness or breathiness, difficulty projecting, running out of breath, experiencing vocal fatigue or losing your voice regularly, strain or tension, raspy voice, waking up with a sore throat or frequently clearing your throat.

My voice coaching is a little different to my peers as I also combine Jungian psychology into my voice coaching. This means I can also help you to build more confidence, handle nerves and show up more powerfully when speaking, from the inside out.

I also think a by-product of really understanding how to use your voice is confidence. Often confidence issues are also driven by a fear of not knowing "what's going to come out" when you open your mouth to speak. It just adds to your nerves.

If a voice coach is what you need, please do get in touch!

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