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for high-performing & ambitious women 

are you a woman leader, entrepreneur, freelancer, consultant or business owner? 


ARE YOU READY TO GO TO THE NEXT LEVEL IN your business or career?

Our voice is incredibly powerful in elevating our credibility.  If you're preparing to take that next step and become more visible, you want a voice that will make a bigger impact, inspire, persuade and influence.


Perhaps you struggle with projection or find your voice easily fatigues after a long day of meetings.  Maybe you feel your voice lacks expression or perhaps you have a strong accent that you would like to soften.

The truth is no one teaches us how to speak, we're taught how to pronounce words at best.  Most of us have very little awareness of our voice until something goes wrong.  We've developed vocal habits through our conditioning that limit our ability to speak freely and unhindered.  We think our voice is just the way it is, like our height or eye colour.  

However the good news is it's a skill that can be developed.  Our voice is highly adaptable to change, meaning small shifts can make a huge difference. So whether you’re pitching, coaching, interviewing, presenting, lecturing, podcasting or training, you can learn to speak using your true voice - the voice that naturally exudes confidence, is open, expressive, effortless and powerful.


The Find Your Voice (FYV) coaching packages are for professional high-performing women.  I offer packages across 4 or 8 weeks, depending on your goals and desired outcomes.  The best option can be discussed in the free online voice consultation.


Each package includes a one-off initial 30 mins voice audit / assessmentprivate 50 mins voice sessions and feedback sessions.  This isn't a singing lesson but we will do some simple vocal exercises as well as looking at how this translates into everyday speaking and presenting.  I teach predominantly online, so you can be anywhere in the world. 


Together we'll unlock your full creative potential by aligning your mind with your voice, so you can build & develop a confident, powerful and expressive speaking voice.

My coaching is unique.  I combine the transformational mindset principles of Jungian psychology with the functional, technical and paralinguistic aspects of speech.  We'll explore why you have unconsciously created the voice you have, so it no longer limits you creating the voice you desire.    

If you're serious about making lasting and profound changes to your voice, this coaching is for you.  It is a process, voices are not built overnight.  However I promise if you do the work, you'll start to notice changes in your voice very quickly.

Book a free 20 mins online voice consult to see if this is right for you.


in the media




Anouska is a passionate professional who is easy to work with.  I recommend her classes to anyone who would like to become the master of their own voice.




Anouska was invited to speak at our conference in Melbourne.  It was an incredibly educational and entertaining session.  Many people commented that they thoroughly enjoyed the session.



Working with Anouska was a revelation. I had felt dissatisfied with my voice for years.  Anouska identified why my voice was holding me back and got me working on pitch, articulation as well as some fascinating psychological elements. Anouska was incredibly responsive throughout the course, which allowed me to extract value far beyond the actual training sessions.



Anouska's coaching approach is amazing.  She was able to pin point my habits that were holding me back from having the confident speaking voice I wanted.  We worked on pitch and enunciation...and found out what my conditioning and mindset was around those habits which is where the real transformation took place! 

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