is voice coaching right for you?

If you're going to the next level in your business or career, have increasing public speaking demands and would like to make the greatest impact when you speak, the answer if probably yes.

My voice coaching is designed to help you fully access your unique voice, so you can authentically express yourself in meetings, presentations, interviews, pitches, talks or consultations.  

My approach is not about "quick fixes", it is about exploring your voice within a whole mind-body system.  This is the only way to have a lasting and profound transformation, as your voice doesn't work in isolation.

You could experience one or more of the following (this list is not exhaustive):

  • Nerves that directly impact your voice (shaking, throat tension)

  • Running out of breath

  • Raspy / croaky voice

  • Clearing your throat frequently / excessive mucus

  • Dry / tickly throat

  • Persistent sore throat

  • Vocal fatigue / voice loss

  • Soft / weak voice

  • Speaking too fast 

  • Minimal dynamic or pitch variations

  • Mumbling / lacking clarity

  • Anxiety / fear before public speaking

  • Straining or even yelling to project your voice

Whether you're looking for private voice coaching or group voice coaching, I can tailor my unique approach to your specific concerns, goals or requirements. I also offer a 4-part online course Free Your Voice, Speak With Impact, if you'd prefer to work at your own pace.


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