speak with impact

Are you ready to make the greatest impact with your voice, so people are compelled to listen to you? 


My voice coaching is designed to help you fully access your unique voice, so you can be more responsive to and expressive of your thoughts, feelings and ideas in meetings, presentations, interviews, pitches, talks or consultations.  

My coaching covers 2 key areas of focus (which will overlap):


Here we use vocal technique, voice physiology and paralinguistic tools and exercises.
a) Release, open and free the voice
b) Build strength, flexibility and agility in the voice
c) Explore the edges of the voice e.g. dynamics (volume), pitch (high and low), intensity (weak or powerful) and pace (slow or fast).


Here we explore the voice from the inside out.
a) Awareness - what do I feel (physically and emotionally) and hear?
b) Shadow identification - what is emotionally holding my vocal habit or pattern in place?
c) Shadow integration and creative vision - allow my true self to be expressed.

Whether you're looking for private voice coaching or group voice coaching, I can tailor my unique approach to your specific concerns, goals or requirements. Click below to learn more.